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GlobeSil Management Team

About us at GlobeSil Inc.

GlobeSil, Inc. is a company founded on integrity, innovation, and diversity with a focus on meeting our customers’ needs. Our team is comprised of over twenty years of experience in the silicon industry; we know silicon! We believe the key to success is in understanding and adapting quickly to a constantly changing silicon market, while also keeping the focus on information exchange and relationship building.

At GlobeSil, we strive to bring our customers the best overall experience from beginning to end and are always available to assist in any way we can.

“Our first business transaction with GlobeSil was not only seamless but it far exceeded our expectations. From the beginning their materials were represented in great detail with accurate photos and descriptions. We were encouraged to complete an inspection visit in advance of finalizing our first business. They wanted us to see the materials we were purchasing were exactly as they were represented. The personal touches from helping us with our travel arrangements and transportation while in Lexington, KY USA, visiting local attractions, dining and providing us company in between inspection visits was both kind and sincere. We look forward to a long-term partnership with GlobeSil and want to visit them again very soon!”

– Global Procurement Manager for Solar Company

Management Team

Erin McKune is Chief Executive Officer and a founding partner of Globesil Inc.

Erin is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and offers a professional background comprised of over 15 years of experience in areas including: cost accounting, business management, inventory management, financial reporting, budgeting, banking, logistics, sales, purchasing and supervision of personnel. She obtained her diverse professional background through work experience in both the public and private sectors of manufacturing and service related industries. She worked as a business consultant to many small businesses offering a wide range of services. Erin has always been an entrepreneur and has grown a number of small companies into large corporations.

Erin’s focus is on international semiconductor and solar polysilicon/silicon business development with both sales and purchasing objectives. She works regularly with customers and suppliers from around the world. She is actively involved in the day to day success of GlobeSil Inc.

Cameron Nichols is President and a founding partner of Globesil Inc.

Trained to be a globally minded businessman, Cameron graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Masters of Business Administration, Bachelors of Finance and a minor in International Business and Economics.

After graduation, Cameron launched his career in the silicon industry. Now as a ten-year veteran in the industry, Cameron has a long record of delivering high impact results for both customers and suppliers through his technical knowledge of silicon materials, loyalty, creativity, and attention to detail. Cameron focuses on business development, customer/supplier relationship management, contract negotiations, and logistics.

Our Office Manager, Lisa Haddix, is an asset to our company. With over 19 years of experience in customer, client and vendor relations; 16 years of experience in accounting, and 4 years of administration and accounting in the silicon industry, she is fully equipped to help us strive for company excellence. She holds an Associate degree in Accounting as well as a Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration-Accounting from National College, Lexington, KY. Lisa is in charge of our company’s day to day administrative, accounting, shipping and receiving functions.

Who Is GlobeSil

We pride ourselves on teamwork, diversity, technology, quality control, customer service, honesty, integrity, continual improvement, long term industry experience and maintaining a strong reputation in the silicon industry. We understand the silicon industry can be volatile and are committed to the industry through both ups and downs. We are a long term, trustworthy partner to have and see a bright and long future ahead for the silicon industry.
The promise on price, quality, service, and support
To build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers while providing them with quality silicon.